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Zbroia Biathlon Lightwood

Zbroia Biathlon Lightwood


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Zbroia Biathlon PCP Air Rifle 7.5J 450mm Lightwood

Zbroia Biathlon PCP Air Rifle 7.5J 450mm Lightwood stock- includes target globe sights for competition.
 Zbroia Biathlon is a rifle of the Ukrainian company producing air rifles with a pre-charging pneumatic system.
 The stock has an adjustable cheek and a back, which is so necessary for individual adjustment to each sportsman. The antabs installed in the stock gives the opportunity to install a special belt for carrying the rifle.
  The BARREL material of production is steel. And 12 rifling made in the channel of the barrel gives accuracy to each series of shots.
A good high-pressure RESERVOIR is one of the most important parts of a rifle with a pre-charging pneumatic system. 

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