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Walther Arms

Walther MaximaThor Wood

Walther MaximaThor Wood


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The Walther MaximaThor PCP air rifle is built for hunting impact and incorporates the proven expertise of Walther's engineers. This multi-shot powerhouse delivers up to 44 foot pounds of energy per shot in .22 caliber, at velocities of 1,260 fps. More than enough to take care of your varmint hunting needs!


The MaximaThor features a Lothar Walther barrel with 1/2-inch UNF threads for adding a silencer, and an 8-round rotary magazine that delivers pellets efficiently into the barrel. This results in very precise long range shooting with only a slight reduction in speed. The reservoir incorporates a pressure gauge for your convenience.

The beautifully crafted hardwood stock has a checkered grip and forearm, and an ambidextrous cheek piece that fits comfortably against your cheek. The soft recoil pad is an added bonus for shooting comfort, and the adjustable match trigger is the cherry on the top!

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