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Velocity Pellets

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Velocity Airgun Pellets 5.5mm 16gr

Velocity Airgun Pellets 5.5mm 16gr


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P-P/VAP-V.22 -Velocity Airgun Pellets, Vector .22, 16.5 Grain / 500


Origin: Turkey
Brand: Velocity
Name: Vector
Grain: 16.5
Calibre: 5.5MM/.22
Qty: 500PCE
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Johan Potgieter
Velocity Airgun Pellets 5.5mm 16gr

I ordered the pellets and thought it was a cheap alternative to do some target practice with my grandson. Opening the box and noticing some debris in the skirt of some pellets, I had my doubts. The grouping surprised me and this is the latest pellets I'm using for all my shooting with a Nova Vista Leviathan. 8 out of 10 times, it will group within 2cm at 30m with the regulator on 180bar.

Andre van der Vyver

Velocity Airgun Pellets 5.5mm 16gr

Casper Venter
Velocity pellets

Over a long period of time I shot many brands of pellets from a variety of air rifles and eventually found that one can rarely do better than using JSB Exact pellets. Even now it may still the be the case.
At one stage the JSB's were becoming scarce and expensive and I started looking around for a replacement.
I was introduced to the Velocity brand which was about half the price of the JSB's and initially was very sceptical. I went home, started to do comparisons and I could not see any differences in group size and point of impact between the brands. the Velocity brand is value for money and I will keep using them as long as it remains available and affordable.

Anthonie Bernard
I like the Velocity pellets from Turky

Vector 16.5gr Velocity pellets are outstanding. I get pellet on pellet groupings at 25 to 30 meters. And they are packing quite a punch when tackling pest birds.