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Sumatra Eagle Claw PCP Air Rifle in 6.35mm - Wood

Sumatra Eagle Claw PCP Air Rifle in 6.35mm - Wood


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Sumatra Eagle Claw 460cc. The new long awaited Sumatra Eagle Claw is a new addition to the most robust brand of air rifles currently available.

Scope and mounts not included


Newly added features include the following:

* 1 x 6 Shots magazines that can load the longest pellets ever produced

* Fully shrouded barrel- offering a shorter overall length

* Lighter weight than other models

* More precise power adjuster (power can adjust from a back yard friendly target shooting  air rifle, to a bountifull Beast)

* One single air tank for optimal volume flow

* Standard Picatinny rail fitted

* Single shot load tray without magazine use

* The most dependable and durable, no-nonsense and gadget free brand of PCP ever produced- a recipe that works

* Increased shot count due to the new valve design, yet still offering the legendary Sumatra power

* One rifle that offers more features than all other brands combined

* New striking styling

* Still the long range champion


1 x 6 Shot magazines

1 x Fill Probe

1 X Owners manual

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Customer Reviews

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Motisi Mdojwa
air rifle loses air on the nozzel when trying to refill

The air rifle loses air on the nozzel when trying to refill, I tried with a new fill probe and I still experience the same problem .I would like you to look into this matter and either refund my purchase or send out another supply.

Dear Motisi
Thank you for your review. Please advise
1. Did you contact the store you bought the air rifle from to request assistance?
2. Did you at any stage shoot the air rifle under 110 bar?
3. What are you using to fill the gun? (hand pump, compressor or dive cylinder?)
4. Have you checked whether the leak could possibly arise from the other fittings?
5. How old is the gun and did this happen from new?
There are several things to consider here. It is advisable to seek assistance from our technicians as the review platform is not intended for troubleshooting. You problem could very well be unrelated to the performance of the airgun!!