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H&N Baracuda 18 grain (18.13gr)

H&N Baracuda 18 grain (18.13gr)


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H&N Baracuda 18 grain (18.13gr)

Match grade quality

Are you looking for a highly accurate, hard hitting, medium weight pellet in .22 cal.? An extremely versatile and consistent pellet? Clean, with tight tolerances in weight and diameter? Your answer is the H&N Baracuda 18. The chosen weight of 18.13 grain / 1.175 g closes the gap between the well-known H&N Baracuda Match and H&N Field Target Trophy, making it a excellent all-purpose pellet. Available in the common head size of 5.52 mm.

The H&N Baracuda 18 is a new pellet that’s being introduced by the famous German pellet manufacturer H&N

As you might guess from the name, Baracuda 18 pellets weigh-in at around 18 Grains. It’s 18.13 grains to be exact.

This new pellet is available in .22 caliber only. The head size is 5.52 mm and there will be 200 pellets in a tin.

It’s suitable for hunting small game such as mouse, rat, squirrels and chipmunk. Also small birds including sparrow, magpie and pigeon.

Product details Baracuda 18

Calibre .22 cal.
Weight 18.13 gr
Min. muzzle energy 12 ft.lbs
Max. distance 50 m
Bc 0.029
Content of tin 200 pcs.
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Customer Reviews

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Hilton Hamann
My rifle loves them

A 16mm center-to-center group at 30m with a Snowpeak rifle. What's not to love?

Gerhardt Olivier

H&N Baracuda 18 grain (18.13gr)

H&N 18.13G

Brilliant, these pellets make me look good!!!
my guns loves them.
If you haven't tried them.
You're missing out

Johan Stapelberg
H&n 18.13

Really can't complain exelent pellets. Grouping are great. Shooting with a Kral Jumbo Dazzel. These pellets are spot on.

mixed opinion

Positives and negatives:
On the upside the H&N's do well when you put them on the scale - the variance from the indicated weight is the least of the brands I have tested and used i.e. out of 200, 99% will weigh in on 18.0 - 18.2 gr.
If you are doing pest control the accuracy is more than adequate.
On the downside, 7 out of 10 group tightly - so if you are looking for a pellet for precision shooting, H&N (in my opinion) is not going to get you in the top three in any serious competition, as those other 3/10 pellets are going to be the difference between a 248 and a 238.
I am sure there may be some better match pellets in the H& N arsenal - but the stock H&N pellets and slugs are not going to be in my box on any competition days....
Sorry H&N...