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0DB Silencers

ODB silencer, Long .22 Black (32mm diameter)

ODB silencer, Long .22 Black (32mm diameter)


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There’s a new name in airgun sound suppression –  0dB Silencers

The 0dB’s (32mm) diameter tube features stylish flutes to diffuse reflections, whilst inside is a specially developed baffle system to dissipate both air turbulence and noise. .



The 0dB Silencer range consists of two models, the 110C and the 160S. Both are made from high grade aluminium with precise CNC machining and come finished with intricate design.

The tubes are ventilated and finished in a stainless steel mesh to add to the beauty while assisting in the noise reduction available in colour Black.


110C = 4.3″ (110mm)

160S = 6.3″ (160mm)


110C = 3.8 oz (108g)
160S = 5.2 oz (147g)


Close sizing for maximum noise efficiency, available in .177/.22, .25, or .30 calibers

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