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May Madness: JTS Airacuda Max, 5.5mm PCP Air Rifle

May Madness: JTS Airacuda Max, 5.5mm PCP Air Rifle


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JTS Airacuda MAX PCP Air Rifle .22

The new Airacuda with MAX features - regulated, adjustable cheek riser, and beautifully designed wooden thumbhole stock - this PCP air rifle delivers amazing performance and classy good looks at a very affordable price!Β 


  • Regulated
  • 1/2UNF adapter for suppressor
  • Adjustable Cheek Riser
  • Trigger Pull – 2lbs
  • Picatinny Rail
  • Adjustable 2-stage trigger
  • Manual Safety
  • Magazine capacity – 10 rounds
  • Action – Side Lever
  • All Metal Construction
  • Shrouded Barrel
  • Barrel Band
  • Foster Fitting for quick filling
  • Thumbhole wood stock for comfortable shooting
  • Barrel Length – 18”
  • Overall Length – 41.5”
  • Shot Count per Fill – 30+
  • Weight – 7.9lbs

ο»Ώ!!O-ring kit not included!!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Karel R
Reply to Willem

I have to admit that I did buy to a budget and that I just could not afford to enter the PCP game with an R30k - R80k monster, as much as the cool factor and hype propped them all up. That said, most of us seem happy with the service, as sales and fulfilment were really good. Our beef and we are not alone, if you do some research, is with the Airacuda and attaching a moderator. A fix was sent to me, and that failed miserably. RB sent his to great expanse to a gunsmith to resolve the matter. Moreover, there is a requirement with JTS to log this with them, and I had to take it to a public forum to get them to acknowledge receipt of my issue. That is not customer service unless you live under a rock. In the end, we all need different things, and that is good, but we all expect a level of value from those things that we invest in. So please if you want to take us on for raising a matter that is now an undisputed fact (and I am sure you may want to independently fact-check that, as fact-checking is so popular lately) , then please go ahead, order a "cheap" JTS and see how it works for you, or invest where you feel comfortable and chomp down on your lips.


You like to hear your own voice up buddy and buy a high-end rifle then you would not have to tinker or spend hours on a keyboard...

Annoying reviews

It's always the bottom end buyer either with cars , guns etc that has the most to say
Whoever you are complaining about the service at the store or the bottom end gun you bought expected to be Swiss quality REALLY man you're just a little bit annoying to be honest.. At that price getting a regulated rifle you should be more than willing to tinker with it ... This store gives best service through the years both its staff and owner...
My advice is ....if you want a Porsche go buy a Porche and stop being a little princess

Ronnie Buis
JTS Airacuda Max Clipping Debacle

KR, you are far from alone. It has become a major issue - even on the JTS site/page. Many are complaining and confirm that the "wishy-washy washer quick fix" is a failure. I have communicated my issues with JTS, and the fact that I had to spend a further 12% at a gunsmith to get the problem solved. JTS's response in a nutshell was that they are in the process of "experimenting with certain remedies with customer input". THAT alone tells me they don't know what the problem is and don't have a cure. At least they now acknowledge the problem. One one UK member's comment a guy Travis (who seems to be a JTS ambassador) said "I have no problem". I would hazard a guess his gun is not a production item and that, having access to the factory resources, his has been hand picked and (if necessary) factory tuned. There are rumours that JTS are creating their own silencer to remedy the problem. Nothing like creating a captive market eh ?


(Second review) The folks sent me a small ring to place on the UFF thread before the moderator. This resulted in a 15 cm drop of the pellets over 40 meters. I was told to clean the barrel! Whilst without the moderator it shoots very well. At this point, I see other folks with similar problems if they add a moderator. The QA process at manufacture sucks! I indicated to this team that even the youtube review of this gun was without a moderator, as if he knew of the clipping/accuracy issue, but still proceeded to give it a good review. I would like a refund at this point in time as this is no longer acceptable. And no I will not send it back just to have it messed with to get it back and find the same issues. As I consumer I should have the right to return especially with the evidence that it is clearly faulty.