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Huma-Air Power Tune Regulator Set for FX Dreamline

Huma-Air Power Tune Regulator Set for FX Dreamline


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Huma-Air Power Tune Regulator Set For FX Dreamline

Our high precision regulator and the extra regulated volume makes it an excellent combination for slugs and high power rifles. (tube versions only.

The benefits of the Huma-Air, FX Dreamline Power Tune tuning regulator are:

  1. Higher accuracy of your rifle due to the elimination of the pellets speed fluctuations.
  2. A constant pellet speed over the full working pressure range.
  3. Higher power levels due to the extra air volume available.
  4. Or the same power lever with a lower regulator pressure setting.
  5. Maximum use of the air volume due to our ultra-compact build.

Note: No returns will be excepted on this item as it is factory set and tampering will void the warranty.

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