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H&N Grizzly 9mm/.356 85S 82 Grain

H&N Grizzly 9mm/.356 85S 82 Grain


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H&N Grizzly 9mm/.356 85S 82 Grain

Heavy hunting bullet

These heavy hunting bullets, made especially for powerful air rifles, feature a star-shaped hollow point for ideal mushrooming (165 percent of caliber) and the highest energy transfer in-game. The hollow base offers superior sealing and optimal energy utilization.

Test with ballistic soap
Samyang Sumatra in 5,5mm/.22 (100 J / 74 ft/lbs)
Depth of penetration
14.5 cm
5.71 Inch
320 m/s
1050 fps
10 m
11 yds

Product details

  • Calibre: .35 cal.
  • Weight: 82gr
  • Min. muzzle energy: 73.3 Ft.lbs
  • Max. Distance: 50m
  • BC: 0.101
  • Content of tin: 85 pcs

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