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Ganzo G7501-OR Folding Knife Orange

Ganzo G7501-OR Folding Knife Orange


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Ganzo G7501-OR Folding Knife Orange

Company Ganzo increasingly presents to the public a new range of knives. One such innovation is the Ganzo 7501 knife. This model has a comfortable and very convenient design of handles and blades, and through the use of high-quality materials, this knife is equally effective in both urban and field conditions.

The blade model G7501 is made from 440c stainless steel specifications and designed in the form of a clip-point. Around the base of the blade, you can see engraved a "fiery" symbol and a "Firebird". This engraving design not only looks good for decorative purposes but such symbols are denoted by all blades that are included in a new line of "Firebird". The knife handle has a composite lining made from a high-strength polymer material, G10 and can be painted in one of the three standard knifesGanzo colours (black, dark green or orange). An interesting feature of the handle is the luminescent inserts in the form of three small bright-green stripes. Strips inserted on both sides of the handle when installing standard clips are not hidden but stand out. This feature allows you to find the knife even in pitch-dark because bright green inserts illuminate very well in the dark. Also, at the end of the handle is a lanyard hole that allows you to dock the knife in the most convenient place for you. As a locking device, the G7501 knife uses an Axis lock. This locking mechanism allows you to securely lock the blade in position and does not allow the blade to spring out even under intensive loads. A modern, stylish design, called Fast Castle together with its compact dimensions, make the Ganzo G7501 knife a perfect choice for everyday use. And thanks to the materials used, its build quality is guaranteed. The G7501 will serve you long term and help solve even the most complex tasks, wherever you are.


  • the knife has a folding design
  • the open knife has a length of 210 mm
  • the blade of the knife G7501 has length-89 mm
  • blade thickness at the butt is 3.3 mm
  • blade made of 440 c steel
  • blade hardness is at level-58 HRC
  • the total weight of the knife is 130 gr
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