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Ganzo G7482- CF Carbon Fiber Folding Knife

Ganzo G7482- CF Carbon Fiber Folding Knife


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Ganzo G7482- CF Carbon Fiber Folding Knife

Ganzo G7482-CF is convenient to take on trips due to the fact that G7482-CF is a handy folding knife. G7482-CF model made of high-quality materials that can easily withstand the most complicated conditions: the hot sun or cold, contact with water etc. G748-CF model uses 440C steel as a blade material. This alloy is really lasting with pronounced anti-corrosion properties. G7482-CF knife is good for outdoor use, where is no need for thorough care for the knife. Blade length - 8.9 cm, moreover it's smoothly sharpened and stone-washed. G7482-CF model has the drop-point type of blade, which allows it easy to cut and prick. By the way, thanks to the blade thickness (3mm), this model will cope even with very hard materials. G7482-CF handle includes two materials in its construction: small size steel elements located closer to the blade and black carbon fiber scales. The carbon fiber material is even more durable than steel and resistant to rust. Carbon fiber is also quite light, resistant to chemicals, it doesn't absorb the water. This material has perfectly proven itself for outdoor knives. The lock, which is built into the G7482-CF model, is called Auto-Lock. This mechanism gives the knife user an additional guarantee of safety, completely preventing the accidental opening or the closing of the knife blade under any load.


  • Folding knife;
  • Stainless steel - 440C;
  • The shape of the blade - Drop point;
  • "Stonewash" finishing of the blade;
  • Blade size is 89 mm;
  • Full length - 210 mm
  • The handle is made of carbon fiber;
  • Knife weight is 133 grams;
  • Auto-Lock.
  • The warranty period is 1 year from the date of sale of the item.
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