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EDgun Leshiy 2

EDgun Leshiy 2


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EDgun Leshiy 2 PCP Air Rifle, 5.5mm Carbine - P-ESA2  250MM BARREL

The EDgun Leshiy 2 R.E.P.R. is a step forward in modern PCP design. The Leshiy 2 is hammerless and uses a new valve that allows consistent dwell time regardless of regulator pressure. This system allows for rapid opening and closing, and the user no longer has to worry about wear and tear with higher regulator pressure requiring a heavy hammer strike on the valve stem.  Offered in a long (350mm barrel) or a short (250mm barrel), the Leshiy 2 is modular, multi-caliber, and accommodates the user looking for an EDC backpack model, a 450 mid-range short barrel rifle, to a  600mm barrel long range airgun.


  • Overall length 29.25 inches
  • Overall length Folded 17.5 inches
  • LOP 15 inches to the center of the trigger
  • Trigger grip LOO 3.8 inches
  • Air reservoir volume 170 CC
  • Hammerless
  • Semi-automatic 
  • 8 round rotary magazine (detachable)
  • Weight 5.25 pounds
  • Trigger - single-stage nonadjustable 
    • 1 pound pull
  • Picatinny top rail -20 MOA
  • Picatinny bottom rail - 5 slot 
  • Barrel length 350 MM (13.75 inches)
  • Regulator capacity (adjustable)
    • 60-280 BAR

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Customer Reviews

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Alan Blake
The dogs nuts

This post refers to what I think is the mk2.2 or repr, which has the externally adjustable reg, which on this gun is a must if you want to swop barrels ,cal , and generally fiddle ,

Mk1 vs mk2 , virtual a different gun, save for the idea and style.
I have both and I will keep at least one of each why?,
Old short mk1 is extremely light, simple ,the power is turned down to around 6ftlb, use, mice, rats, chickens, other things at short ranges only , great for dispatching shot count fine for that.

Mk2.2 ,
Good points so far:
1 Self indexing mag , fun
2 Easy to load,, comes with a spare and , 2 holders to fit gun.
3 better/ different trigger , kind of 2 stage nonadjustable , you pull it , it works , no its not the lightest hair trigger, but I like so who cares.
4 still folds , easy to transport, but more than that for my use, if I don't get a shot off at target , you simply fold up and move on for later, always ready just close n fire, for its use this is safe and magic , even 2 days later you know what's going on with the gun ,
Think break neck shotgun etc.
5 more on board air , currently around 8 mags from 280bar to off reg shooting 18gr .22 , which is fine for pesting.
6 buy a 350cc cylinder and that's alot more, I bought one , haven't decided if I'm going to fit , it's neat slim ,light etc .
7 like the original changing cal is just sliding out barrel and new one in, with the addition now of mag change if you go for different cal.
Also you can adjust reg for increase-decrease speed,
Mk1 you could do reg and hammer spring which have some normal flexibility.
This is hammerless etc quite a new design, I'm not going into its complexity here, it's simple and gets rid of alot of other problems , I'm sure it will have its own caveat, for now I think it's a step forward for the sport, indeed the original was a revolution.

11 (eleventy sa will get that) in short,
It seems to function very well this is the 350mm .22 shooting Pellets and slugs out to 100 mtrs seems fine even with such a short barrel, I will get a longer one and velocity with go up , just physics,
No The Pellets nore slugs just fall out of the mag as some seem to claim , they fit fine,

It has shot gammo crap 14.53 ugly stuff at 47mtrs well, some move around at 100mtrs , (some guns don't even get there with that stuff)
Jsb , and slugpress stuff works as ypu would expect, when it stops pissesting it down outside etc I will post some real shots , in these conditions it performs better than I would have thought.

What would I change , they do a valkiery kit thingy for forend etc , which I might look at.

I added  a short piccy rail under the moderator, the gun when folded doesn't like bipods attached they interfere with fully opening , like the original, so a small rail drilled tapped into the from allows the gun to fold and keep stable and bipod attached ,you can obviously shoot like this as well,
Because the mod is bolted to the receiver and barrel floats internally , it doesn't shift the poa.

So keep an old one and bring in its friend.

Buy the repr over the stock one its worth the extra drinking vouchers .