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Eagle Vision

Eagle Vision Fully Universal Camera Mounting System Kit

Eagle Vision Fully Universal Camera Mounting System Kit


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Eagle Vision Fully Universal Camera Mounting System Kit

This kit is fully universal for 99% of the cameras and scopes. Includes UCH 1.1 & 1.2 and USH-46. The USH-46 is designed to hold all the scope with or without threads on eye relief and will connect to our existing camera mounting system. This unit can be connected to 99% of the scopes from the eye relief outer with a dimension of 40mm to 46.5mm and it will find the centre automatically while you tighten it. Our UCH 1.1 &1.2  have been designed to attach to most cameras, camcorders, DSLR, GoPro, etc. It also works with many riflescopes, microscopes, telescopes, and spotting scopes.

The unit can be used as follows:

1. Universal camera holder.
2. For a secondary camera, giving a wider view.
(On option 2. the unit will be fit between our scope holders and our standard camera mounting system).

The unit will not work independently, you need to attach it to one of our scope holder rings or holders such as UN-2, UN3, HSW-1, HPS-2, SHR-39, or USH-46. We have produced female ‘m42 threads’ inside the unit, so if your image quality is affected by sun glare, you can easily use one of our: UN-1, UN-2, or UN-3 as sunshades.

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