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Eagle Vision

Eagle Vision 25% X 75% GoPro 5,6,7 Black, Side-Cam Kit

Eagle Vision 25% X 75% GoPro 5,6,7 Black, Side-Cam Kit


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Eagle Vision 25% X 75% GoPro 5,6,7 Black, Side-Cam kit

The kit includes

  • 1 x 75% to camera, (reflection), 25% pass to your eye, (transmission). Ideal for professionals who want a better quality of the recording.
  • 1 x  USH-46 the universal scope holder will allow you to connect any of our camera mounting systems to almost any scopes from an outer scope diameter between 40mm-46.5mm.
  • 1 x GoPro housing 5,6,7 Black + MUN-1   It allows you to connect GoPro 5, 6, and 7 to your side cam. 
  • Please do not if you are not able to use your GoPro directly without changing the lens to 12mm or 16mm Focal.
  • 1 x case the new waterproof case will allow you to store your camera mounting system tidy and safe.

Here are some valuable tips to help you record the best quality video:

1. Use a good scope with a decent lens and larger objective.
2. Use a high-quality camera for recording;
any action camera with a minimum HD ready at 240FPS is preferable.3. Obtain a good quality fixed camera lens.
4. Ensure that the scope and camera are set up correctly.
5. Use lower magnification with the scope, you will notice improved quality by using a fixed magnification, eg. 10×44
(We do not recommend over x 10 magnification with the most common scopes on the market).
6. An optical zoom is preferred over digital zoom, which makes a lower image quality.
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