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Battery Charger

Battery Charger


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HG-1210W Lithium Ion Battery Charger with Car Adapter

This is a very nice corded charger that also comes with car adapter.

You can change the position easily by sliding the small switch on the charger from 3.3V over to 4.2V. 


750 ma output at 1.2 volts and 650 ma output at 4.2 volts, charges batteries fast. Smart electronics chooses the fastest charging method based on the inserted batteries.


Input Voltage: 110-240V, 47-63Hz 
Charging Current: 1.2V/750mA , 4.2/650mA 
Colour: black

Please Note: Never attempt to charge a NON-rechargeable battery. Do not mix different types or different capacity batteries when charging. Never leave batteries to charge unattended.

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