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Baikal MP-53M 0.177 Calibre Pellet Pistol

Baikal MP-53M 0.177 Calibre Pellet Pistol


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Baikal MP-53M Target shooting Air Pistol, Spring Piston Pellet Gun

Calibre 4.5MM/.177

The Baikal MP-53M is a truly amazing pistol, it is super accurate. This pistol will stretch your eyelids again and again as you will be achieving one hole groups in no time and all of this with open sights. Intended for 10-meter target competition shooting it is also a joy knocking down tin cans or empty shotshell cartridges. You can also do some short-range bird shooting as well as ratting to hone your skill and keep that eye in when the buck hunting season is over.

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