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Air Bolt .50

Air Bolt .50


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Air Bolt .50 6-Pack

Takes your existing airgun and makes it a powerful archery hunting tool.
They are so accurate, you have to be careful not to "Robin Hood" your Air Bolts!
The Air Bolt is a revolutionary, patent-pending ammunition system that transforms your .50 caliber PCP air rifle into a powerful archery tool!
Use the 430-grain carbon fibre Air Bolt in any .50 caliber precharged pneumatic rifle with a barrel of 22 inches or longer, and enjoy an entirely new experience with your airgun. You'll be amazed at the accuracy and power the Air Bolt delivers to your quarry.
Large game? Yes! With velocities up to 500 fps and knockdown power exceeding 230-foot pounds of energy (in Sam Yang Dragon Claw), the trophy-sized big game is well within the capabilities of this innovative projectile.

0.50" Caliber bolt
Velocity up to 500 fps (when used in Seneca Dragon Claw)
Power up to 238 FPE (when used in Seneca Dragon Claw)
430 grains including 100-grain field tip
Overall length 23"
300 Spine
Constructed from 100% Hi-Modulus Carbon Fiber
6 Air Bolts per package

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