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20-Shot Police II Gas Gun (Self-defense)

20-Shot Police II Gas Gun (Self-defense)


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20-Shot Police II Gas Gun For Self-Defence With Laser Beam

Supplied with belt holster. Blinds attackers for 5min and affects them for 45min, giving you time to escape.
The Samyang Police II gas pistol is designed for the purpose of self-defence without using force. In many cases, I am approached by clients enquiring for a bb or pellet gun for self-defence purposes. All I can say to this question is ''do you value your life" or the lives of your family? Police II is ideal for security companies, Police services, prison services, and the public. No license is required. Should a would-be attacker try and use this against you you will not die - unlike a firearm. The synthetic gas will blind and incapacitate when shot in the eyes for up to 45 minutes.

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