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Sharp Innova multi-pump 5,5mm (Wooden stock)

Sharp Innova multi-pump 5,5mm (Wooden stock)


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Sharp Innova Multi-pump 5.5mm Cal, Includes Silencer, Deluxe wooden stock 23" Barrel Length, supplied standard with open sights and a scope can be fitted on the 3/8'' dovetail rail.

Scope and mounts excluded!


The Sharp Tiger multi-pump air rifle design originates from Japan in the 60's. This company closed down and no longer produce air rifles. But the design that was copied by many famous companies across the world has endured. This rifle is unique as it operates similar to a PCP air rifle. The rifle does not require any gadgets like Scuba cylinders valves etc which is similar to a spring powered air rifle. All you need is muscle power to generate air in the cylinder and that seems to be in a shortage nowadays(muscle power) unless you click the remote control of the TV. The shooter can tailor the velocity by the number of pumps you pump the rifle. This rifle has zero recoil and is one of the most accurate off the shelf rifles ever produced. The maximum expected velocity is around 775 fps in 5.5mm/.22Caliber

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