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Sekhmet Digital Mini Pressure Gauge Pro Gen 2, 28mm 300 BAR

Sekhmet Digital Mini Pressure Gauge Pro Gen 2, 28mm 300 BAR


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This new model, Sekhmet Digital Pressure gauge Pro Generation 2, 28 mm with black body has 1/8 BSP thread and has been designed to accurately read and display the pressure. 
The air pressure can be displayed from 15 to 300 bar (218 to 4350 psi) , with a maximum deviation percentage of 0.25%. 

Sekhmet introduced many new upgrades to the the 28 mm Pro Gen II model and they also upgraded the rechargeble battery up to 145% !
The clear .49" OLED display features a button on the right, top and left, and features an IPX7 waterproof rating: submersion for a maximum of 30 minutes in a maximum depth of 0.5 metres.

The Sekhmet Pro Gen II , 1/8 BSP Black 28 mm digital pressure gauge can be used in combination with a carbon cover. 

The gauge can can display the figures below: 

• Present amount of air pressure 
• Number of shots taken 
• Number of shots remaining 
• Amount of air pressure used with last shot 
• Average amount of air pressure used per shot 
• Temperature 

Choose between three energy saving modes: 

• Sleeping: turns off automatically after a set amount of time, can be turned on with a short touch 
• Wake up with the screen off: gauge is always on, but turns on display only after a shot or touch 
• Screen always turn on: display is always on 


• Simple mode: only shows air pressure without other parameters 
• Fill/fire wake up: activates display only after a shot or fill 
• Screen off time: amount of time after which you want your gauge to turn off the display (0-10 seconds) 
• Sleep time: amount of time that expires before gauge goes to ‘sleep’ (0-60 minutes) 
• P-minimum: minimum amount of air pressure for your pressurised air reservoir 
• Data clear: resets all data such as amount of shots, shots taken, last amount of pressure used and average amount of pressure used 
• Rotate screen: rotates the screen by 180°

A charging cable is included with the gauge. Before first use please charge the gauge for at least 12 hours

Suitable for 300 bar working pressure. It has a G1/8bsp treaded bottom connection, what makes it suitable for several models of airrifles. 

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