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Retay 135X Spring Piston Air Rifle .177 Cal

Retay 135X Spring Piston Air Rifle .177 Cal


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Retay 135X Spring Piston Air Rifle with break-barrel. Fitted with a picatinny rail to absorb the recoil shock that spring air rifles are known to produce. Available in Carbon fibre, Camo, Red sport, Black & Wood. Confirm colour choice on order.(Scope & mounts extra).

Calibre 4.5mm/.177


The Retay 135X break-barrel from Turkey has a modern design thumbhole stock design with a very comfortable hold position. This rifle has no anti-beartrap system in place meaning you can uncock the rifle should you not wish to shoot at that moment. This feature from air rifles of yester year can also lead to unwanted barrel/underlever flip/return so take care to keep your hands and face away from these areas - do not pull the trigger with the barrel or underlever open or cocked (this is a safety rule for handling all air rifles). Published velocity around 1200 fps in 4.5mm/.177.

Available in Wood finish.

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