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Nova Vista Behemoth PS-R2S Bullpup Air Rifle 5.5mm
Nova Vista Behemoth PS-R2S Bullpup Air Rifle 5.5mm
Nova Vista Behemoth PS-R2S Bullpup Air Rifle 5.5mm
Nova Vista Behemoth PS-R2S Bullpup Air Rifle 5.5mm
Nova Vista Behemoth PS-R2S Bullpup Air Rifle 5.5mm

Nova Vista Behemoth PS-R2S Bullpup Air Rifle 5.5mm

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The long-awaited Behemoth bullpup is HERE

- .22 (5.5mm)
- Side-Lever Action
- Automatic Over-pressure Air Release
- Includes one Rotary Magazine & Single-shot tray
- Built-in Fill Probe
- Fully Shrouded Barrel
- Adjustable cheek piece
- Built-in magazine storage compartments
- Easily-accessible hammer spring adjustment screw
- Two-stage adjustable trigger
- 180cc air cylinder
- Tool free vertically adjustable rubber butt pad
- Externally-adjustable regulator

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Shaheed Sujee
Nova Vista Behemoth

Watched Air Bros review. Awesome channel, was convinced on purchasing the Nova Vista Behemoth with a donny fl adapter and dachs silencer at such great prices. Impressive grouping with almost any pellet and slug Kyle suggested. Discovery VTR SFP scope.
Brilliant service aswell as after service.
Thanks Pellet guns keep it up

Thinus Terblans
Nova Vista behemoth 5.5mm

Great service from Kyle and Jacky.... Very happy with my Nova Vista behemoth, great groups on 50m with Discovery scope. I'm very impressed with accuracy and power. Keep up the good work.

Albie Wantenaar

Bought this Nova Vista Behemoth 5.5 at Huntex .Watched Kyle's YouTube video and was sold on getting one. Only got around to zeroing it in a month later, i put on a Nikko Sterling Panamax 4x16x50 . All i can say is how Awsome this Bullpup is "straight out the box" , very impressed.!! Its super Accurate & groups are 10mm @ 30m. Powerful enough with it's 300 bar Capacity and External Regulator setting no need to boost anything yet !!
Thankyou all @ !!

Angus Campbell

Service was great and fast. Very happy.
The Behemoth is great. High mounts required for the scope. Once setup is done and siting is sorted, accuracy is perfect and consistent.

Peter Theunissen
Behemoth PS-2RS Bullpup. A giant leap in air rifle value for money

Looks good. Feels good and boy does it shoot good. The behemoth has the same barrel as the leviathan and performs just as well once you have the butt and cheek adjusted to your frame and cheek bone placement. (Use the high scope mounts to get a comfortable cheek weld and sight picture)
I have both rifles and can compare. The leviathan,must be said, feel plastic but cycles
much faster and is a traditional style and as such very comfortable gun to shoot.
The behemoth feels great ,not at all plasticy but takes some adapting to when first using a bullpup. The side lever operates smoothly but the placement right at the back means you battle to keep the target in sight when chambering another pellet.If you're a hunter a quick follow up shot is not that quick.
Don't miss. I'm loving the feel of the gun now and the length makes it super easy to transport and store