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Kuzey 911W SXW Blank Firing Signal Gun - Silver/Black Grip/Silver Trim

Kuzey 911W SXW Blank Firing Signal Gun - Silver/Black Grip/Silver Trim


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Kuzey 911 SXW  Blank Firing Signal Gun - Chrome with black Grip.  Chrome Trim

Kuzey Arms proudly presents Kuzey 911-SXW 9 mm PAK

  • Caliber: 9 mm PAK
  •  Magazine Capacity: 9 + 1
  •  Safety: Ignition Pin Safety System
  •  Height: 160 mm
  •  Weight: 1220 gr

Behold!! This beauty is quite something!!

Please note!

Blank and pepper cartridges can be found under the 'ammunition' section.  Limited quantity permitted per customer, and ID is required to purchase cartridges.


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    Customer Reviews

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    Beauty meets Beast

    This is a really beautiful gun. Catches compliments all the time. Love the case it came in. The magazine is a bit small (only 9 rounds + 1 in the chamber). The silver plating is poor on some components, but that's a small issue. It failed once to eject the cartridge after shooting when I had removed the "screw in blocker" from the barrel. Overall nice Pistol though. It's as loud as a b*!

    Thank you for your review JP. This is a true beauty! Just a note for you on the barrel screw - it should not be removed because by doing that you prevent the pressure build-up and thus prevent the blow-back of the slide (which enables semi-auto firing). Please replace the barrel screw and your pistol will operate perfectly.

    Mogamat Layloo
    Work of art

    Beautiful, except for a small flaw in the Chrome Plating. Luckily its under the barrel. Would have easily given it 5 stars were it not for the small flaw. Must still try it out tho.