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JSB Diabolo Exact Test Packs 4.5mm .177 Cal Airgun Pellets

JSB Diabolo Exact Test Packs 4.5mm .177 Cal Airgun Pellets


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JSB Diabolo Exact Test Packs 4.5mm .177 Cal Airgun Pellets, 350 pc

Diabolo Exact Test

Characteristics: Wide selection of different weights Exact pellets starting from lightest Exact RS (0,475) up to heaviest Exact Monster (0,870). We Believe you will find your favourite among these.

JSB Diabolo test pack 4.5mm 7x50pcs equaling 350pcs of mixed weights and diameter pellets. Half the homework is done for you. Once you have found the pellet your rifles like just choose the right one from our range of pellets.

  • .177 cal
  • Round nose
  • 7 pellet types
  • 350 pc

JSB Match Diabolo pellets have a reputation for being uniform in size and weight, which is why they have a reputation for superior accuracy in air rifles and air pistols. This combo tin is a good way to test great pellets to find the right ones for your air guns.

  • 50x Exact 4.5mm 8.44gr
  • 50x Exact 4.51mm 8.44gr
  • 50x Exact 4.52mm 8.44gr
  • 50x Exact RS 4.52mm 7.33gr
  • 50x Exact Monster 4.52mm 13.43gr
  • 50x Exact Express 4.52mm 7.87gr
  • 50x Exact Heavy 4.52mm 10.34gr
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