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JSB Diabolo Exact Monster 4.52mm .177 Cal 13.43 Grain Airgun Pellets

JSB Diabolo Exact Monster 4.52mm .177 Cal 13.43 Grain Airgun Pellets, 400 pc

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JSB Diabolo Exact Monster 4.52mm .177 Cal 13.43 Grain Airgun Pellets, 400 pc

EXACT .177
Due to its weights, a specially designed shape, perfect distribution of the centre of gravity, and alignment the Exact products are the best choice for longer-distance outdoor (and indoor) shooting. Exact products, just like all the other products, undergo thorough hand-pick quality control. We guarantee the quality of the products, the rest of the successful shooting is entirely up to you ... The whole Exact series is the étalon of the quality for the sporting and leisure shooters of the Field Target discipline (outdoor shooting up to 50 meters), hunter and enthusiasts testing the air guns in extreme distances (up to 200 meters) and it is necessary to mention, that it is very successful. They are produced in a wide range of weight as well as diameter so that they can be ideally produced for every single weapon.
At least 90% of all participants at the Field Target World Championship in Italy 2011 used one of our Exact pellets.
Ammunition tested by 45 meters shooting. The required result after five shots is a group where the centre to centre of the shots is up to 12mm.

Diabolo Exact Monster 

Characteristics: According to its name it is the heaviest pellet available. The weight has been chosen to fit the most powerful air rifles currently available on the market. With such a combination you can get a very high power which is appreciated by the FAC air guns lovers. Another target group is shooters looking for maximum stability in any weather and windy conditions. Muzzle velocity is 190 m/s if the power of the airgun is set to 16J.

Weight: 0.870 g
Diameter: 4.520
Packaging: 400 pc