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H&N Baracuda Light 4.5mm/400S 9.57 Grain

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H&N Baracuda Light 4.5mm/400S 9.57 Grain

Affordable air gun pellet optimized for FT and HFT The exceptionally accurate Baracuda Light is the lighter counterpart of the Baracuda Match. The reduction in weight ensures a higher speed and thus a flatter trajectory. Best results are shown in airguns with a muzzle energy of 16 joules / 12 ft.lbs. The lowest rate of lead fouling and consistent shot groups is ensured by a special lead alloy. Head sizes available: 4.50–4.51.

Product Details

  • Calibre: .177 cal.
  • Weight: 9.57 gr
  • Min. Mizzle Energy: 12 ft.lbs
  • Max. Distance: 50m
  • BC: 0.018
  • Content of tin: 400 pcs.