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Ganzo Knives

Ganzo G728 Orange Knife

Ganzo G728 Orange Knife


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Ganzo G728 Orange Knife

Description of Knife Ganzo G728 (Black, Green, Red):

Knife Ganzo G728 belongs to the category of universal pocket knives that are useful both in the city and beyond. Its main buyers are active people who often go fishing, camping, or the usual outings. However, it will be suitable for you if you need a knife for opening packages daily, cutting vegetables or preparing lunch sandwiches in haste.

The blade of this model is made of steel 440C. It's main characteristics are good resistance to corrosion, including rust, hardness about 58HRC, the ability to be easily sharpened and doesn't lose sharpness. The cutting edge is straightly sharpened, which is a multipurpose option for use with almost any material. Blade length is 8.9 cm, despite the fact that the total length of the open knife is 20 cm. The surface of the blade is treated by the technology of Stone Wash. In this way, the small scratches are almost invisible and the blade glares less.

In the open position, the blade is held by the lock Liner Quickly. It is almost identical to the classic version Liner Lock except that the opening tab is used instead of the peg.

The comfortable handle of the knife Ganzo G728 is made of modern materials - fibreglass G10. It is easy to mold and paint and keeps the original characteristics for a long time. This durable material is also convenient because it doesn't cool much in the cold weather and doesn't warm a lot in the sun. Of course, the manufacturer has provided the availability of traditional metal clip on the handle holes for fastening the strap, which helps not to lose the knife.


  • blade length of 8.9 cm with a straight sharpened edge;
  • stainless steel 440C;
  • the hardness of the metal set at + -58HRC;
  • the thickness of the spine of the blade is 3.3 mm;
  • handle material G10;
  • blade lock Liner Quickly;
  • the size of the open knife - 20 cm;
  • the weight of the blade is 128 g

The warranty period is 1 year from the date of sale of the item.

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