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Discovery Optics

Discovery Lens Cleaning Kit

Discovery Lens Cleaning Kit


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Discovery Lens Cleaning Kit

DISCOVERY Optical Hunting Scope Cleaning Kit.

This Essential Cleaning Kit Hunting is just what you need to clean
your Scope lens.

Combines in a handy drawstring bag โ€“ the following is included in
the bag.

  1. Lens Brush
  2. High-Pressure Air Pumping Device
  3. Microfiber Lens Cloth
  4. Special Cleaning Fluid for the Lens.

The Lens brush cleans out even the small cracks โ€“ very stylish and powerful. The very strong High-pressure gas/air blowing device, made of high-quality silicon, will not cause secondary pollution.

The soft Microfibre lens cloth absorbs water well, and free of static electricity. Effectively removes dirt and stains - the handy spray bottle containing the Cleaning Fluid that does not leave any watermarks, it's non-toxic and will not damage the surface of the lens.

This fluid removes surface dust, stains, and fingerprints and while doing all that, still leave forms a protective layer on the lens. Also included in this nifty little bag is some Cotton Sticks and Lens paper (sealed).

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