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Crosman Corporation

Crosman Sheridan Cowboy Lever Action BB Rifle

Crosman Sheridan Cowboy Lever Action BB Rifle


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Crosman Sheridan Cowboy Lever Action BB Rifle

  • Spring Power
  • 4.5mm 
  • Max 350fps

This BB gun is designed for shooters who like the nostalgia of the old-west Cowboy Action Shooters. The Sheridan Cowboy is classic in its look and feel. Sized for youngsters, it’s ideal for entry-level shooters and intended to satisfy the demands of young shooters at any skill level.

The new, ratcheted lever helps protect young shooters from the irritating lever snap-back noticed on some other lever-action rifles. The ratcheted lever stays in position until it’s fully cocked before allowing it to gently return to the stock--no matter how far it’s cocked. This BB gun is both lightweight and dependable, making it the right choice for developing lifelong shooting and marksmanship skills and for teaching safety.

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