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(1155) Gen 3 FX Impact & FX Crown Huma Tuning Regulator

Huma-Air Tuning Regulator Gen 3

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(1155) Gen 3 FX Impact & FX Crown Huma Tuning Regulator (100-165 BAR)

Huma-Air tuning regulator Gen 3 for the FX impact & FX Crown air rifle as a replacement for the factory regulator with a 16 mm piston and 10 mm Belleville springs.

The benefits of the Huma-Air, FX Impact and FX Crown Gen 3 tuning regulator are:

  • The recovery time in between shots is much faster compared to the factory regulator.

  • This Huma-Air FX impact or Crown regulator can be adjusted higher in pressure from the outside while the rifle is under pressure.

  • Equal to the factory reg, if you want to lower the pressure, the rifle needs to be de-pressurized first otherwise the valve gets damaged.

  • By using another type of material for the valve and piston, there is no way you can damage the piston because of faulty pressure adjustments.