Uragan 2 PCP Air Rifle Black Synthetic Stock 700mm Barrel Dirty 30

Uragan 2 PCP Air Rifle Black Synthetic Stock 700mm Barrel Dirty 30

Uragan 2 PCP Air Rifle Black Synthetic Stock 700mm Barrel 6.35mm - click here to see this bad boy!👈


The Uragan 2 PCP Air Rifle is a high-performance air rifle designed for precision shooting and hunting. With a sleek black synthetic stock and a caliber of 6.35mm (.25 Cal), it offers power and accuracy for various shooting applications.

Equipped with a 10-shot rotary magazine, the Uragan 2 allows for quick and easy reloading, enabling shooters to engage multiple targets without the need for manual loading. The air rifle has an overall length of 997mm and a barrel length of 700mm, providing stability and improved accuracy during shots.

Weighing approximately 3.7kg, the Uragan 2 strikes a balance between weight and maneuverability, allowing for comfortable handling and extended shooting sessions. It features a large air tank volume of 530cc, ensuring a sufficient air supply for multiple shots before needing to be refilled.

Operating at a working pressure of 300BAR, the Uragan 2 delivers consistent and powerful shots with each trigger pull. The high-pressure air system ensures optimal performance and minimal recoil, contributing to enhanced accuracy and shot placement.

The Uragan 2 PCP Air Rifle combines precision, power, and reliability, making it an excellent choice for target shooting, pest control, and small to medium game hunting. It is important to familiarize oneself with local regulations and safety guidelines when using air rifles, as proper handling and responsible shooting practices are essential.


Magazine - 10 Shot Rotary
Overall Length - 997mm
Barrel Length - 700mm
Weight - 3.7kg
Air Tank Volume - 530cc
Working Pressure - 300BAR



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beautiful rifle I want to buy ……

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