Precision Hunting with The AirMaks Katran XB-HP PCP Air Rifle (Full Review)

Precision Hunting with The AirMaks Katran XB-HP PCP Air Rifle (Full Review)


Welcome back, folks! Today, Air Bros Review SA brings you an exhilarating episode from the farm, featuring the powerful AirMaks Katran XB-HP. In scorching weather, Kyle takes us through an action-packed day of helping the farmer by managing the dove population. Armed with the AirMaks Katran XB-HP and H&N Slugs, Kyle showcases the precision and power of this air gun.

The Setup

The stage is set, and the music kicks in as Kyle introduces the star of the show, the AirMaks Katran XB-HP. Equipped with a Vortex Diamondback scope and shooting 25-grain H&N Slug HP2s, this high-powered air gun is poised for a day of accurate shooting.

Precision Shots

The first shots echo through the farm as Kyle takes down doves with remarkable accuracy at distances exceeding 100 meters. The video captures the distinct pop of the slugs hitting their targets, showcasing the potency of the H&N slugs and the Katran XB-HP's accuracy.

Real-world Application

Kyle emphasizes that the hunt is not for sport but to assist the farmer, ensuring the harvested doves go to good use. The air gun's power and precision make it an effective tool for managing bird populations on the farm. 

Gear Showcase

Throughout the video, Kyle gives a shout-out to the gear accompanying the Katran XB-HP, highlighting the performance of the Vortex Diamondback scope. He provides insights into adjusting parallax for optimal clarity during different shooting scenarios.

Challenging Conditions

Kyle faces the challenges of shooting in windy conditions, highlighting the effectiveness of the tripod setup. The video captures the nuances of real-world shooting, emphasizing the need for skill and adaptability.

Two-in-One Shot

A remarkable moment unfolds as Kyle achieves a two-in-one shot, demonstrating not only the accuracy of the air gun but also his skill as a shooter. The Katran XB-HP, paired with H&N slugs, proves to be a lethal combination.

Air Rifle Specifications

  • Calibers - 5,5 (.22)
  • Length / folded - 1210 / 963 mm
  • Weight - KATRAN X HP 3,1 kg
  • Barrel CZ length (twist) - 700 mm (1/17,7) non-choked
  • Air cylinder capacity (max pressure) - KATRAN X; 300 cc (300 bar)
  • Magazine - 5,5 (.22); 16 shots

Air Rifle Features

  • Stock - Aluminum, foldable, length-adjustable
  • Built-in holder for 2 magazines
  • Cheek-piece height-adjustable
  • Butt-pad height-adjustable
  • Aluminum handguard with 9 slot Keymod
  • Grip - AR15 right-hand ambidextrous (optional)
  • Cocking - Side lever action, right-left changeable
  • Safety - AR15 style, right-left changeable
  • Trigger - Two-stage external adjustment
  • Pressure regulator
  • External velocity regulation screw (by hammer spring)
  • 20MOA Picatinny rail
  • 1/2" UNF thread for moderator


As the day comes to an end, Kyle concludes by presenting the AirMaks Katran XB-HP as a precision tool that exceeds expectations. The simplistic yet effective design of the air gun, coupled with the H&N slugs, makes it a plug-and-play choice for hunters who prioritize performance.

Final Words

If you enjoyed the precision hunting adventure with the Katran XB-HP, Kyle urges viewers to share and subscribe. The love for air guns, real-world application, and the thrill of the hunt come together in this episode. Until the next adventure, cheers, and happy shooting!


The video content emphasizes responsible hunting practices, ensuring that harvested game is utilized and not wasted. Hunters are encouraged to follow local regulations and ethical guidelines.

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