Introducing the New Brocock XR PCP Rifle Range

Introducing the New Brocock XR PCP Rifle Range

Today on the PG Letter, we intoduce the New Brocock XR PCP Rifle Range.

Brocock proudly displays a powerful, sidelever-operated compact PCP air rifle range which is now available at

New Brocock XR Range

Although in way back in 2020, we still feel it's relevant to bring up today.

This air rifle is Brocock's XR range of compact, sidelever-operated PCP Air Rifles.

These air rifles will be replacing the current line of Bantam, Commander HR and Concept-Lite models in the Brocock Rifle Range.

The XR Range brings a host of technical improvements, increasing power output, shot-count, reliability and sidelever system.

With the use of the latest CNC manufacturing processes, the Brocock XR range firing system has been refined and delivers ultra-fine tolerances.

Brocock XR Air Rifles

Brocock’s integrated XR series is designed to be modular, accepting parts and fittings across the range, and all rifles are compatible with ‘AR’ styled part upgrades and accessories.

Brocock’s XR and Sniper XR models incorporate the innovative semi-bullpup design with improved “pointability” while the Commander XR and Concept XR versions provide a custom gun fit for different scenarios with its featured adjustable telescopic stock. With the Mini XR measuring just 820mm, from adjustable rifle butt to muzzle, ranks among the shortest of air rifles on the market.

When combined with the XR’s latest hammer design and technology the advanced ‘reg’ precisely meters air release which totally eradicates any power curve while ensuring minimal shot-to-shot deviation as the rifle cycles through its usable air charge.

All but the standard XR incorporate a highly advanced regulator system, developed in partnership with Dutch regulator specialists, Huma-Air, who only Brocock and sister company, Daystate, have rights to fit as standard. Both these factors improve downrange accuracy, the Huma-Air regulator also returns an even higher number of shots per fill-up with a bonus for those who opt for an XR model in high-power format.

All models in the XR series feature an on-the-fly power adjuster, removable 10-shot magazine, choked barrel with integral shrouded silencer and match-feel adjustable trigger –they can be configured with a variety of bottle, stock and power ‘Magnum’ options across three calibres (.177/4.5mm, .22/5.5mm and .25/6.35mm).


Want a more in depth review and tutorial? Have a look at our YouTube video released by Airbros Reviews SA.

The full Brocock XR range is available at

Brocock XR Air Rifles  Brocock XR Air Rifles

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