Exploring the EDgun Matador L - Long Bullpup PCP Air Rifle 5.5mm with Air Bros Review SA

Exploring the EDgun Matador L - Long Bullpup PCP Air Rifle 5.5mm with Air Bros Review SA


Greetings, air gun enthusiastic! Partnering with Pellet-Guns.com, Air Bros Review SA is switching gears for an exhilarating session. 

Today, we're diving into action with the exceptional EDgun Matador L - Long Bullpup PCP Air Rifle 5.5mm. Forget the chit-chat; it's all about the raw power, precision, and the sheer joy of sending pellets downrange with this high-performance bullpup.

The EDgun Matador L Revealed

Armed with the head-turning EDgun Matador L, we're set for an exciting journey. Let's delve into the specs – weighing in at 3.4 kgs, boasting a barrel length of 580 mm, and an overall length of 810 mm. The internal silencing capabilities promise a stealthy shooting experience, setting the stage for a remarkable review.

Smooth Handling and Ambidextrous Design

Featuring three cocking levers, the Matador L offers a smooth and ambidextrous design, catering to both left and right-handed shooters. Built like a tank, this air rifle promises durability and robust performance. The bullpup design adds to its appeal, ensuring maneuverability without compromising power.

Precision at its Peak

With a velocity of 919 feet per second and utilizing 5.5mm pellets, the Matador L delivers a potent performance. Adjustable settings allow for quick modifications, providing flexibility to shooters without compromising accuracy. It's time to witness the bullpup's precision at its peak.

Downrange Excellence

Our mission? Achieving a flawless five-shot grouping at 50 meters with the Matador L. Prepare to be amazed as each shot hits the mark with finesse. The bullpup design contributes to exceptional balance and control, making it a standout choice for shooters who value accuracy.

Magazine Magic

The Matador L comes equipped with a 10-round magazine, ensuring uninterrupted shooting pleasure. Loading is a breeze – align the teeth marks, press them in, and you're ready for another round. Extra magazines enhance convenience, making it an ideal choice for extended shooting sessions.

Fun on the Range

Now, let's take the Matador L to the range for spirited target practice. From chickens to dueling trees, this bullpup doesn't disappoint. Consistent performance, quick magazine changes, and the joy of hitting challenging targets – the Matador L handles it all with ease, making every shooting session a memorable experience.

Air Rifle Specifications

  • Magnification: 4-16x
  • Lens Diameter: 44mm
  • Tube Diameter: 30mm
  • Length: 355mm
  • Color: Black-matted
  • Waterproof and Shockproof

Air Rifle Extras and Accessories


In the realm of air rifles, the EDgun Matador L - Long Bullpup PCP Air Rifle 5.5mm stands tall as a powerhouse. Its sturdy build, precision shooting, and bullpup design make it an ideal choice for enthusiasts seeking a reliable and enjoyable experience. Elevate your shooting escapades with the Matador L from Pellet-Guns.com – a top-notch bullpup that brings power and precision to your hands.

Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures with Air Bros Review SA, where shooting straight and having fun with the EDgun Matador L is the name of the game. See you in the next one!

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