AirMaks KRAiT X and H&N 30gr HPII slugs = DEADLY

AirMaks KRAiT X and H&N 30gr HPII slugs = DEADLY

Welcome back to the Air Bros Reviews SA! I’m Kyle, and today, I’m excited to share an in-depth review of the AirMaks KRAiT X, a powerhouse air rifle straight from the Czech Republic. Joining me today is my shooting buddy, Roff. Together, we took this beast out for a spin and tested it under various conditions to see what it’s truly capable of.

Unboxing the AirMaks KRAiT X

First things first, if you haven’t seen our unboxing video, make sure to check it out here. We go through all the cool features and accessories that come with the KRAiT X, setting the stage for today’s field test. From the sleek design to the robust build, the initial impressions were nothing short of spectacular.

Performance and Precision in the Field

We took the KRAiT X to a local farm where we were tasked with some pest control. Using H&N 30 grain HPII slugs, we were ready to tackle any target that came our way. Shooting at approximately 930 feet per second, these slugs hit hard and the KRAiT X handles them with ease. The results? Explosive impacts and impressive accuracy.

From the get-go, the KRAiT X proved itself as a reliable and precise air rifle. Whether it was pigeons, doves, or stationary targets, each shot was consistent and on point. The ability to fine-tune the regulator, hammer spring, and trigger without any complex adjustments means you can get optimal performance tailored to your specific needs.

Customization for Optimal Use

One of the standout features of the KRAiT X is its customization potential. I’ve made a few modifications to mine to better suit my shooting style. For instance, I added a 700cc bottle for increased air capacity and repositioned the double magazine holder for easier access. These tweaks made the rifle more user-friendly and tailored to my preferences.

The KRAiT X’s cocking lever can be switched to either the left or right side, which is fantastic for both left-handed and right-handed shooters. This flexibility ensures a more comfortable and efficient shooting experience.

Long-Distance Shooting Mastery

The KRAiT X truly excels in long-distance shooting. We pushed the rifle to its limits, hitting targets at 283 yards with remarkable accuracy. Even in windy conditions, the KRAiT X performed exceptionally well. Using tools like Strelok for holdover adjustments, we could effectively compensate for wind and distance, ensuring our slugs hit their mark every time.

Real-World Application

Throughout our testing, we were consistently impressed with the KRAiT X’s performance. The rifle's intuitive design makes it easy to handle, even in challenging conditions. From pest control on the farm to preparing for competitive shooting events, the KRAiT X is versatile and reliable.

We tested the rifle’s durability and precision in various scenarios. The CZ barrels used in the KRAiT X are of exceptional quality, ensuring consistent accuracy. Even when shooting in the sun and dealing with fluctuating temperatures, the point of impact remained stable, which is crucial for any serious shooter.

The Verdict: A Must-Have Air Rifle

The AirMaks KRAiT X is a top-tier air rifle that offers high-end performance at a mid-range price. Its build quality, accuracy, and customization options make it a formidable competitor in the air rifle market. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting, the KRAiT X is a reliable choice that won’t disappoint.

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  • Calibers - 5,5 (.22)
  • Length - 885 mm
  • Weight - 3,1 kg
  • Barrel length (twist) - 700 mm (1/17,7)
  • Air cylinder capacity (max pressure) - 480 cc (300 bar)
  • Magazine - 5,5 (.177); 16 shots


  • Stock - Length adjustable; Cheek-piece: height and angle adjustable; Butt-pad: height adjustable
  • Grip - AR15
  • right-hand (ambidextrous optional)
  • Cocking - Side lever action, right-left changeable
  • Safety - AR15 style, right-left changeable
  • Trigger - Two-stage adjustment
  • Externally adjustable pressure regulator without releasing the air
  • Externally adjustable valve
  • Anti-double feed system (for 5,5 (.22) caliber only)
  • External velocity regulation screw (by hammer spring)
  • 20 MOA Picatinny rail
  • 1/2" UNF thread for moderator3 Picatinny rails for accessories

Airmaks Krait Magazine Holder

AirMaks Katran Monopod and Bag Rider complete

Marcool 4-16X44 SFIR FFP Scope

Marcool 4-16X44 SFIR FFP Scope, EvolverHY1620 With MAR-133 Reticle, includes side wheel flip capes, Honeycomb and sunshade.

  • Magnification(x): 4-16
  • Objective Len(mm): 44
  • Tube Size (mm): 30
  • Click Value: 1/10MIL
  • Length(cm): 35.4
  • Net Weight (kg): 0.687
  • Eye relief: 4"-3.7"
  • Field Of View: 24.6ft-6.3ft
  • Focus Plane: First
  • Focus Adjustment: Side Focus
  • Adjustment Range: 20-∞yds
  • Windage Adjustment Range: 80MOA
  • Elevation Adjustment Range: 80MOA
  • Lens Coating: Multi Coated
  • Reticle: Etched
  • Illumination: Red
  • Battery: Yes
  • Material: A6063-T6
  • Finish: Black Matte
  • Nitrogen Filling: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Foggproof: Yes
  • Shockproof: Yes
  • Deminsion (cm): 49*12.5*8
  • Gross Weight (kg): 1.296

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DISCLAIMER: This video has been produced and uploaded with the intention of providing educational content that encourages safe and ethical best practices.

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